And all the roads we have to walk are winding, and all the lights that lead us there are blinding.
Because maybe, You're gonna be the one that saves me. And after all, You're my wonderwall.
Grayson Girl
2181. After discovering Robin and Starfire had gotten rather close, Batman awkwardly tried to give his sidekick a much dreaded “talk”. Seeing his usually stoic mentor get embarrassed and struggle to explain the birds and the bees was so hilarious, Robin decided not to tell him he already had “the talk” with his bio-dad and instead savored the moment, making sure to ask the most awkward questions he could think of.


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2176. Beast Boy has found he often prefers female comedians to male ones because there is less swearing involved which allows him to repeat the joke in public. He thinks comedians who swear have no class. Among his favorite comedians are Ellen Degeneres, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.


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DC please learn your own characters  »



Yo DC—- are you confused about which male Robin was which? I know they all have blue eyes and dark hair so it’s confusing.

But it should be Dick that is like a brother to Tim, hangs out with Starfire and Roy, and goes on crazy adventures…



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tomorrowwoman came up with the best idea of Starfire “losing” little Mar’i in her own hair and sending Dick to find their precious child. I’m sorry it took so long sweetie, I hope you like it \o

Nightwing and Nightstar - 2013, pen and crayon by Vance Astro


I’m the most horrible person in the world

Rain obscures.
It fell unrelenting from the sky in fat, round droplets, splashing against the wet pavement before it cascaded in rivers toward the drains. It dimmed the glow of the traffic lights, making them a soft glow rather than their vibrant colours. It dimmed the headlights of cars which inched down the street, the whippers swishing frantically. It obscured people as they huddled indoors, or clutched at windblown umbrellas and overcoats.
It obscured the bolt which struck her.
Wind chills.
It chilled Beast Boy and gave him a cold bad enough that Raven decided to play nurse and feed him chicken soup back at the Tower. It chilled Cyborg’s human parts enough that he was clad in his yellow raincoat and burdened by the hat. It chilled the citizens of Jump City during their dashes to reach cover.
It chilled Robin’s heart as he watched her fall.
Rain swallows.
It swallowed the laughing form into its embrace, disappearing into the wet. Lost and forgotten, vengeance and revenge taken and deed done. It engulfed the world, nothing else existed.
It swallowed her whole.
Wind screams.
It tore his voice from his throat. It ripped at his lungs and his mind and tossed them away. It clawed out his stomach and let it spill onto the wet.
It screamed with him as she hit the pavement.
Rain washes.
Red liquid melted into pink, only to be washed away to the drain. Cyborg’s ashen face melted into horror, but he was too far away to make a difference. Water tugged at Robin’s feet, the wash causing him to slip and fall as he scampered to her side.
It washed the life away.
Wind howls.
It howled her name, echoed sears upon the soul. It called and begged and pleaded and was lost to the storm. Shaking fingers snatched at a pulse, finding none.
Rain carries.
It lifted her up into his arms. It carried the tears down his face and on to hers without a whisper of hesitance. Sodden hair swirled around him as he bent his head.
Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.
Storms break.
Rain, raging wind, darkness and electricity howled around him as he cradled her.  Everything was lost to the storm and nothing else mattered. Waves crashed in the harbour, wind howled through the trees and as they huddled in the rain, his heart broke.
Sunlight has rays.
Hope came with Cyborg. A hulking, mechanical man with a heart of gold and compassion to match, and sense which wasn’t knocked out of him when love fell. Fingers which were sure as they checked in the right places for a pulse which was different than a humans. Hope which came with a sigh and a frantic call for aid.
Let’s get her out of the rain.

I like drawing Mar’i with different hairstyles everytime I draw her ploop.
She’s got cute hair.
she is cute.

Redg Vicente
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